Our new favorite restaurant is coming to the Lansing area

2021-12-14 14:39:41 By : Ms. Ushine sales

2022 will be a great year, and we deserve it in the past few years. Despite food shortages and the need for new employees, there are still some great new businesses and restaurants opening in the Lansing area this year.

There are several new restaurants in the Lansing area that are about to open. My daughter will be very excited because Olive Garden is one of them. It has been her favorite for many years, so she will be happy when she comes to visit.

Fox47news.com said that this is an exclusive news that Delta Crossings on the Saginaw Highway in Delta Township has really made great progress in just a few years. The two newly opened restaurants are Texas Roadhouse and Olive Garden, and BJ's Wholesale will also enter the shopping center.

TJ Maxx, Sierra, Bob's Discount Furniture and Hobby Lobby all opened in September.

Just like my daughter, I also like olive groves. I like those breadsticks and their salads, um. They should be ready to open their doors in the mall in late summer or early fall. To be honest, this is where I am most excited.

In addition, look for medical and assisted living facilities and other national retailers who will also come to Delta Crossings. Welcome to 2022, let us continue to grow in the Lansing area.