Bargain, use Govee LED to light up Black Friday

2021-11-26 08:47:55 By : Ms. Cindy Qu

Looking for some LED lights this Black Friday to pimp your media center? These offers from Govee will help you save money.

The LED lights look great, don't they? Whether it's decorating the wall behind the TV to enhance immersion or just adding brilliance to your room, application-controlled LEDs are at the forefront of interior design.

The price that prevents many people from installing LED kits is price, but on this Black Friday, you have the opportunity to save money on a popular item from one of the big smart LED brands that are affordable. Read on to learn about Govee's 2021 Black Friday offer.

If you are looking for the perfect media center lighting solution and don't have the budget to buy quality products, please consider using Govee's Flow Pro light bar.

With the integration of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, these bars are located on both sides of the TV and have a variety of colors and dynamic modes to choose from. The Govee Flow Pro kit has quick and easy installation and setup, is musically responsive, combines video and audio synchronization, and can be controlled via voice or mobile apps.

In our review of the Govee Flow Pro light bar, we observed that "this kit may be the RGB backlight of your dreams" and gave it a score of 8/10.

This Black Friday, you can buy your own Govee Flow Pro light bar with an amazing 46% discount. Normally, you need to pay the normal price of $79.99, but for Black Friday 2021, this will drop to $43.43. This is a very low price for a kit that includes a 1080p HD camera with ColorSense technology, a pair of wired smart LED strips, LED strips with clips, and a controller unit and adapter.

As you know, this is a great deal for Govee Black Friday. The promotion starts on November 27th and lasts for 24 hours.

Govee Glide is an eye-catching wall lamp that can be integrated with the usual smart home hubs. It is an affordable wall lamp with incredible RGBIC technology.

Through the usual Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, Govee Glide has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections for application control. This is a music sensor smart light, and the responsive music mode is just one of many other light modes. Unlike this type of device, it does not require a hub, which saves setup time. The downside is that the Govee Glide wall lamp is divided into seven parts, which can be tricky to assemble, so please keep this in mind.

In our Govee Glide wall lamp review, we found that: "Govee Glide wall lamp is an excellent smart home lighting solution that can be perfectly integrated with smart home hubs and has one of the most feature-rich companion apps we have seen ." We also scored 8/10 points for this lamp.

Buying a Govee Glide wall lamp at any other time will cost you $99.99. However, Govee's Black Friday deal made the purchase more attractive, reducing the suggested retail price by 37% and allowing 16 million color LED wall lights to be sold at a discounted price of $62.99.

Love the colorful LED magic of Govee lights, but want to find something different? The Govee Lyra floor lamp may be exactly what you are looking for. This is a free-standing lamp with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice and app controls, up to 58 inches tall. The Govee Lyra floor lamp projects a stunning monochromatic and multi-color atmosphere onto corners and walls, using aluminum profiles and silicon LED diffusers.

Our review of the Govee Lyra floor lamp found that it "is an amazing freestanding accent lamp that can be used in any part of your home. It can provide a gorgeous dynamic multi-color display that will surely amaze guests."

The built-in microphone enables the music mode of the light, and since there are no multiple components and hubs, the Govee Lyra floor lamp can be placed almost anywhere.

The standard price of the lamp is $139.99. This Black Friday is discounted by 30%, which means you can buy a Govee Lyra floor lamp for $97.99.

If all you are looking for this Black Friday is an outdoor light string with a remote control or app, then this is your ideal choice.

These music response LED strings have warm white and RGB color lighting, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, voice control via Alexa, manual control via the Govee app, and quick and easy setup. The Govee outdoor light string also has IP65 waterproof function to prevent rain, and is equipped with a timer and schedule for easy setting up for the party in advance.

Govee Outdoor String Lights usually cost you $69.99, but the Black Friday discounts offer you a staggering 43% discount, and they are only $39.99.

If you are looking for indoor or outdoor LED lighting solutions, Govee can provide you with solutions.

Use light bars, wall lamps, floor lamps or even light strings to decorate the outside of your home. We don't know what is more amazing: the LED effect, or the price!

Check out these awesome Black Friday deals from Govee, add them to your shopping cart immediately, and check out on the 27th to save a lot of money.

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