I IN's futuristic office in tokyo radiates fluorescent lighting

2022-10-02 05:18:39 By : Mr. Zhike Wang

Japanese design studio I IN has recently completed the new futuristic headquarters for venture real estate company GOODLIFE, in Tokyo, Japan. The modern concept proposes a new office style built from a dynamic relationship between light, color, materiality and perspective to reflect the values and qualities of the company. Minimal, monochrome furniture made from wood, granite and leather is arranged across an open-plan layout to foster collaboration. Encompassing the workers, sharp linear elements, ranging from the recessed and suspended LED lighting fixtures , and the delicate carpet patterns, to the exposed pipes along the ceiling, guide the eye and add character to the space.

the granite counter becomes a focal point of the lounge | all images by Norihito Yamauchi

I IN’s design aims to translate their client’s progressive qualities and holistic values spatially. The office serves as the new headquarters of the Japanese company GOODLIFE which has been working to revolutionize the real estate industry with innovative AI interventions. Upon entering the office, visitors are met with an engraved sculpture of the company logo, emanating red and blue LED light from the recesses within the solid white panel. Beyond the inviting entrance with an expansive radiant blue wall, lies a luminous open-plan lounge creating an ambient space for employees and guests to work, relax and converse. The room is furnished with bespoke benches, chairs, sofas and tables, while sleek pendant lamps are arranged to echo the linear, monochrome markings of the carpeting.

Amplified by a lengthy wall mirror, these flowing lines ‘accentuate perspective in a space through which time seems to visually accelerate.’ As if frozen in this temporal dimension, a bold granite counter becomes a focal point of the lounge. A powerful presence, its monumental form highlights the scale and quality of the stone used. Directly above, three strips of colored fluorescent light infuse the area with the red, green and blue of the brand, their hues subtly blending into one another and emanating a soft glow. ‘The visual experience of being immersed in light, shadows and color leaves all visitors with vivid memories’, comments the team at I IN.

recessed and suspended LED lighting fixtures illuminate the space

the logo sculpture emanates red and blue light from the engraved recesses within the panel

the vivid entrance wall distorts reflections

an open-plan lounge fosters collaboration and relaxation

the office features bespoke minimal furniture made from wood, granite and leather

fluorescent red, green and blue light strips light infuse the area with hues of the brand

the modern concept proposes a dynamic relationship between light, color, materiality and perspective

name: GOODLIFE Office designer: I IN

location: Tokyo, Japan construction: REM

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