Govee's RGBIC smart lighting series is a slam dunk master

2021-12-14 14:39:26 By : Mr. winme hu

Use Govee RGBIC custom lighting settings to prepare for game time.

Spring is here as promised, the NBA enters the second half of the season, and March Madness abounds. When do you start decorating the playroom or living room with some additional colors and lighting to create this playtime atmosphere for the rest of the season and beyond?

Thankfully, Govee is always ready to help make lighting upgrades as easy as possible. Even better, Govee lights are smart and can be used with your existing smart assistants and smart home settings, seamlessly plugging in. Until April 10th, you can save up to 20% in the Govee "Be a Lighting Champ" promotion in the Govee store, which means you can buy Govee smart lights for less than $29!

Let's start using Govee RGBIC LED strips.

These Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled LED light bars are a simple way to bring more color to any room. Each light bar uses Govee's RGBIC multi-LED lighting system. Essentially, RGBIC puts more LED colors into a light strip, providing better coverage, brighter and clearer colors, and more customization options.

RGBIC LED strips are 5 meters long, so you can quickly change the lights in the room to get dynamic lighting effects, or install them on shelves to create some atmosphere for your home bar.

You can also use the Govee Home app to set the Govee RGBIC LED strip to custom light flow and color. It only takes a moment to connect the lights and the app, after which you can remotely control the colors and lighting schemes with the touch of a button.

Govee's RGBIC LED strips were once called Dreamcolor. Check out our hands-on review of Govee LED strips to see how quickly you can change your home.

Well, the name is a bit like a giveaway, but the Govee Immersion RGBIC LED TV backlight is a great way to create an immersive atmosphere for any large game or movie, show or other aspect.

Immersive TV backlighting is the "best so far" and works perfectly with TVs between 55 and 75 inches. Like the original LED light strips, the immersive backlight is divided into four parts to surround your TV, which means you can place multiple light strips around the TV to build a fantastic color scheme that matches your favorite team plan.

Like the Lakers? Use the Govee Home app to program the Immersion RGBIC LED to move between yellow, purple, and white. Cheering for the Celtics? Use green, white, gray, and black to build a color scheme. No matter which team you support, you can use a custom color scheme to set the tone, and RGBIC LED lighting makes it easier to create and mix team colors.

In addition, Immersion is one of two Govee home lighting products that use ColorSense (Govee's automatic color-changing camera mode). The idea is to insert the camera (provided in the box) into the lighting control box and then aim the lens at the screen. The camera will pick up the color change on the screen and update your immersive lighting color in response.

Want to know more? Check out our review of the Govee Immersion RGBIC LED TV backlight.

In our evaluation, we were very impressed with the Govee Flow Pro Wi-Fi light bar. If you want to improve the game day on a budget, Flow Pro Light Bars may be your RGBIC-WW lighting option.

Just like immersive LED backlights, the Flow Pro light bar is close to your TV, projecting countless lights on your walls and surroundings.

The kit has two types of installation: post-installation or stand-alone installation. The rear mounting kit allows you to fix the light bar on the back of the TV and project smart lighting colors onto the wall for maximum effect. There is a self-adhesive sheet on the back of each rear bracket, making customization easy.

However, if you have a wall-mounted TV, you may not have room to stick anything on the back of the screen. If this sounds like your setup, you can choose a free-standing stand. The stand has weight and is placed side by side with your TV. In some respects, freestanding stents are better than rear-mounted stents.

Since the freestanding lamp holder will not stick to the surface, you can better place the light to achieve the environmental effect you want.

No matter which way you choose to use the light bar, you will like to control the lights you own through the Govee Home app. Like other Govee smart home lighting products, you can program the Flow Pro light bar to cycle through multiple colors, create a personalized color scheme, or even select some pre-built schemes.

You can also choose to use color schemes provided by other Govee users, many of which integrate multiple Govee RGB lights into a color scene.

Like the Immersion TV Strip, the Govee Flow Pro light strip also uses a ColorSense camera. You can place the camera on the top or bottom of the TV, and it will react to the colors on the screen and change according to the prompts. One of the differences between the two is the supported screen size. The maximum screen size supported by Flow Pro is 45 inches, while the screen size supported by Immersion is 55 to 65 inches.

Another way you can add interest to the atmosphere of the game day is to set the Flow Pro light bar to music mode. Sound strange? listen to me.

The Flow Pro control box includes a microphone for receiving ambient sound in the room. When you listen to music, it responds to the beat. However, if you switch it to the rhythm option of music mode, you can switch response speed and dynamic or calm lighting.

As the game becomes more exciting, your lighting may change, reacting to the noise of the crowd and the crazy voice of the commentators.

Now that you have dealt with the interior of the house, why not turn your attention to the exterior?

As we commented on the Govee Phantasy LED strip: "You can't find an outdoor RGB LED strip with a better value for money."

This is a strong statement, but we will support it, and for good reason.

First of all, Govee Phantasy is designed specifically for outdoor use. It has IP65 waterproof rating and ETL certification. This way, you know that if you leave Phantasy Strip Lights and they are a bit damp, they will not suddenly stop working. In other words, you should not drown them completely. They are not built for this.

Second, the Phantasy Strip Lights are mounted on a convenient reel. You can easily relax them around the backyard, placing them at night and further away to provide excellent lighting.

Have a picnic? You can set the Govee Phantasy LED light bar to rotate between a variety of environmental colors to create a perfect post-match recreation area with delicious food. Alternatively, the Govee Phantasy LED strip also includes a music mode, so if your team has just won, click the play button and enjoy the light show.

Although Phantasy does not use RGBIC, it is still a complete RGB LED strip. This means you can control 16 million colors from which you can pick and choose. LED strips are also very flexible, so you can easily wrap them around the edge of the floor, flower pot or raised bed.

Want to know more? Our Govee Phantasy LED strip review contains all the information you need.

In recent years, Govee has indeed strengthened its smart home lighting game.

The introduction of RGBIC LED lighting helps to create an excellent lighting theme suitable for any living room, game room, gymnasium, or anything in between. Since RGBIC light strips can display multiple colors on the same light strip at the same time, you can precisely control the RGB light effects through more customization options, which is more than shaking the joystick.

We hope you enjoy the items we recommend and discuss! MUO has affiliated and sponsored partnerships, so we get a portion of the revenue from some of your purchases. This will not affect the price you pay and will help us provide the best product recommendations.

Use these unique smart lighting products to add color and fun to your home. Smart home is more than practicality!

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