Aputure launches Nova P600c 600W RGBWW Light-Newsshooter

2021-12-14 14:37:51 By : Ms. Julia Huang

Aputure P600c is based on Nova P300c, with twice the output and four times the light engine. By using the new RGBWW chipset, Nova P600c can achieve high output and accurate color quality. Aputure means that the output at 3 meters (6500K) is 2,298+ lux, and the CCT range is 2,000K-10,000

The output of P600c is equivalent to two Nova P300c. Unlike P300c, P600c has a removable diffuser. This is a good feature for using a softbox or punching through 6×6, because the output will be higher after removal. On the other hand, connecting a diffuser will make the light softer and spread better to avoid hot spots. I like to have choices.

The power of Nova P600c is 600W, while the power of Nova P300c is 360W.

The appearance of the new Nova P600c is very similar to the original Nova; however, it is more compact and uses a 2×1 form factor. It is wider than P300c, but not as tall as P300c. In order to allow the use of heavy modifiers, Aputure added a second egg yolk to lock it nicely and tightly.

The P600c has a new control box that includes the industry standard LumenRadio CRMX, which enables it to be connected to any CRMX wireless control system.

The new controller has a cable-free connection interface and uses contact pins to achieve wireless control without connecting cables. You can still use the included 5-pin XLR head cable (3m) for direct connection.

P600c is also compatible with Sidus Link mobile application control, allowing you to control Aputure lamps from your smartphone or tablet.

The above is the photometric measurement value declared by Aputure. These are done with the diffuser installed.

The new Nova P600c has many P300c features, such as Junior Pin, locking egg yolk, integrated power supply, various built-in light source presets, more than 300 industry standard gel presets, 19 built-in lighting effects, to name a few.

Aputure will provide modifiers as well as Chimera and DoPchoice.

The retail price of the P600c is US$3,290. The retail price of the fixture with the rolling hard shell casing is $3,590. Shipment will begin in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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