RGBW 4chips 24V LED Strip Light SMD 5050 LED Strip Light

New General SMD 5050 LED Strip Light  RGBW 4in1 LED RGB LED Strip 24vRGBW 4 chips in 1 LED strips is our newest and popular LED strips among our products this year, We use the newest LED as light 

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New General SMD 5050 LED Strip Light  RGBW 4in1 LED RGB LED Strip 24v

RGBW 4 chips in 1 LED strips is our newest and popular LED strips among our products this year, We use the newest LED as light source, the new LED use special production techniques, which adopts single LED with 4 chips( white and RGB in one LED), from one piece RGBW LED strip, it can be chosen RGB color, Warm white color, White color and RGBW any mixed colors freely by RGBW controllers, 1 type RGBW LED strips is equal to serveral types of common LED strip. Its powerful lighting function to make it more valuable for different application areas.We have 4 types for option : 60leds per meter, 72leds per meter,84 leds per meter, 96leds per meter. Colors are available : RGBWW, RGBNW, RGBCW,RGBA (Amber), RGBY. Can be produced with IP63.IP65 and IP67 silicone waterproof for outdoor application areas. MSS LED RGBW 4 chips in one LED lighting color is more even than common RGB+W LED strip, which is half RGB LED and half white LED, but MSS LED 4 chips 1 in LED RGBW strip is full RGBW lighting on .mixing colors is much more beautiful .

RGBW 4chips 24V LED Strip Light SMD 5050 LED Strip Light

1. Individually Addressable
Using a programmable controller and you can program every led just you like. Every one led has its own IC chip.one IC controls one led.SK6812 chip built-in LED.
2. 4 Colors in 1 Led
There are Red /Green/ Blue/ White 4 colors in 1 led .Richer color combinations, more fantastic colors.
3. Bright
Brightness can be adjusted freely.Do not stare at it for a long time, otherwise you will be dazzled when the led Brightness is the brightest.
4. Cuttable
Every one led can be cut off,led strip still working after it is cut. Cut it to the length you just need.
5. Adhesive 
They(IP30 ,IP65) has 3M adhesive tape on the back.You can paste it on the bookcase, TV, wine cabinet, ceiling, windowsill easily .IP67 has no adhesive on its back.
6. Long life
Life span:more than 50000hrs


RGBW 4chips 24V LED Strip Light SMD 5050 LED Strip Light

Environmental and Application Conditions
Ambient temperature range (TA on free air)-25…..+50ºC
Operating (case) temperature range (TC)-25…..+50ºC
Storage temperature range-25…..+60ºC
IP ratingIP33

Electrical parameters
Supply voltage range12.5±0.5 VDC
Supply Current range (per meter)1600mA
Power range (per meter)19.2 W
LED type5050 SMD
LED Qty ( per meter )60pcs
ESD protectionContact 4KV, Air 8KV
Optical parameters
Part No.
Color RangeFlux per meter
Min. CCT or wavelengthTyp. CCT or wavelengthMax. CCT or wavelengthMin. LumenTyp. Lumen
1. Max. Length of strip is 5meters from power supplier to single end.
2. The LED strip itself and all its components may not be mechanical stressed.
3. Please ensure that the power supply is adequate power to operate the total load. Only qualified personnel should be allowed to perform installations.
4. The design of the housing should be according to the IP standards in the application.
5. If surge protection structure not within power supplier, a lightening protector should be needed additionally.

Outal carton:45x25x25.6cm, Anti-static bag:186x197x0.12mm.
5 meters per reel, 1 reel per bag, 40 bags per boxes.

Installation and description and attention
1. Power supply should have necessary short circuit and over-voltage protection and other functions. No use un-isobaric power supply. And Insulated handle is needed.
RGBW 4chips 24V LED Strip Light SMD 5050 LED Strip Light
The diameter of red and black wire is according to the quantity of the strips, the distance between power supply and SMD flexible strip, power of strip and other factors. Commonly, the bigger longer distance, the bigger power and the more strips, and the larger of the diameter. Suggest to use RV( single line with several cores wire) wire as masterstroke, flexible and easy to connect. Please put extra masterstroke if single one support over 100W.

2. Fit the strips according to the actual situation.
    1) Spread the strip flatly where you want to equip
   2) As per the following diagram, use transparent clips to fit strips. Every 4 pcs in a meter. Theclip should be equipped between LEDs, no press on LED.

RGBW 4chips 24V LED Strip Light SMD 5050 LED Strip Light
   3) Connect with masterstroke, every 5 mtrs in one main line according to the character of strips. Under with power supply on two ends, it can connect with 10 mtrs.


1. Curve lighting
2. Freeze lighting
3. Light bar light source
3. Special sign

RGBW 4chips 24V LED Strip Light SMD 5050 LED Strip Light


Company Profile :

MSS LED was established in 2011 and our Core team members engaged in LED industry since 2007, nearly 10years experience we foucs on led strip lights, led sign modules, related advertisement lighting products,  and accessory led power supplies, dimmer, controllers etc.
Except standard strip lights and modules, we can offer the custom made product as exact demand, eg. Different  length, one-to-one connector, indicated color temperature/color rendering/lumens/watts; or some clients told us where use lights, or what project/object they plan to install lights, then our expert team will offer suitable solution;

RGBW 4chips 24V LED Strip Light SMD 5050 LED Strip Light


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